Project Description

Flash Tanks are installed in systems that require flashing of high pressure condensate into steam for low pressure heating supply mains, and to reduce and cool low pressure steam before it is returned to the boiler, condensate receiver, or to discharge into the sewer.

Adamson Tank and Heat Exchanger recommends that the Flash Tank be designed and constructed to the A.S.M.E. code with required stamping.

The Flash Tank will require an inlet for steam to be flushed into the vessel, an outlet, vent, and drain connection.

All tanks fully comply with A.S.M.E. requirements and a certified data sheet for each tank will be furnished when specified.

Flash Tanks may be galvanized if required, otherwise all construction will be of steel with tank painted one coat primer on the exterior. Inspection openings will be provided on all A.S.M.E. constructed and stamped Flash Tanks 18″ diameter thru 36″ diameter. Man holes will be provided on Flash Tanks 42″ diameter and larger.

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