About Adamson Tank and Heat Exchanger

Where we’ve been, Where we are, and Where we’re headed…

Established in 1918, Adamson Company has grown to be a worldwide leader in producing and providing tanks to meet a wide range of specifications.

Versatility is teamed with volume production and superior production planning, resulting in high quality products and reduced delivery time for standard and custom built tanks. Adamson’s capabilities are constantly expanding and improving.  The continual improvement is a result of our dedication to provide the best service in the tank industry.

Adamson Company has pioneered in standardization.  Our wide range of standard tanks proves for ease in application to variable requirements.  This wide selection places Adamson in the position to offer the best tank service obtainable.  By using standardized tank sizes, working pressures, opening sizes, opening locations, supports, etc., the specifying agency can be assured that the time required for drawing submittal and approval, fabrication, and delivery will be reduced to an absolute minimum.

We’re unique in that we have almost 150 years of fabricating experience. We helped roll the iron plate for the ironclad “Merrimac” in 1861. The ship’s two layers of 2″ steel made her virtually impervious to armament of that period. The “Merrimac” battled the “Monitor” to a draw in the most famous sea battle of the War Between the States.

When we opened our shop back in 1832, we were primarily engaged in the manufacture of horseshoes and nails.

In 1966 Old Dominion Iron & Nails merged with Adamson Tank and Heat Exchanger to engage the market as a versatile manufacturer of pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

Browse our timeline of major historical events:


Manufacturing of horseshoes and nails.


1024px-The_Monitor_and_Merrimac Helped roll the iron plate for the Confederate ironclad “Merrimac”


Fabrication of fuel oil tanks.


1024px-The_Monitor_and_Merrimac Old Dominion merges with Adamson Global Technologies, LLC


Today we specialize in ASME Pressure Vessels, Custom Built Tanks, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Tube Bundles