Project Description

Adamson Hydro Pneumatic Tanks are vital to the operation of water supply systems. The tank:

  1. provides volume for storage
  2. permits development of adequate system pressure
  3. allows exact system control
  4. enables the most economical pump operation

Adamson Hydropneumatic tanks are supplied with the required openings for proper operation. The storage tanks can be ASME constructed and stamped or of standard type construction depending on requirements.

All tanks are prime painted, on the exterior surface after fabrication to give protection against rusting.

The interiors of these hydropneumatic tanks can be protected by a painting system if required. A manhole must be provided if interior is to be painted.

All connections are threaded, unless specified. (ASME constructed hydropneumatic tanks will have threaded connections up to and including 3″. If the working pressure is greater than 125 psi, all openings in ASME tanks above 3″ will be flanged nozzle.)

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